Thursday, September 19, 2019


Our Board of Directors


Enrique Juarez President
Donald Henderson Vice-President
Daniel Alvarez Board Member
Robert Lopez Board Member
Jesus Garcia Board Member
Marco Huerta Board Member
Irene Romero  Board Member

Why Choose Los Fresnos?

Here are a few reasons why. As the Los Fresnos community grows so too does its need for additional retail and services. With a population growth of nearly 20% since 2000 (5,600 currently) and the development of large residential subdivisions along the city’s periphery, Los Fresnos is poised to more than double its current population in the next ten years. Combine that growth with an increase in traffic, which nearly numbers 600,000 annually, from Expressway 77 to the Gulf Coast and what you have, at this moment in time, is a potent combination of affordability and opportunity for entrepreneurs with an eye toward the future and an interest in taking advantage of an emerging market. Unwilling to leave the City’s economic future to mere chance, City officials are working diligently to coordinate future economic development through proactive and progressive programs to assist businesses in locating and expanding in the area. Possessing a pro-business attitude that is a reflection of the “can do” spirit of the community, City officials are eager to discuss how to make Los Fresnos the site of your next retail outlet, restaurant, professional office or medical clinic. Perhaps the new English translation for Los Fresnos is “We Mean Business!”

 “Quality of Life”

Why do people make the Los Fresnos area their home? Is it the excellence of the school district? Yes, in part. Is it because it is a safe place to raise a family? You bet that’s another piece of the puzzle. Is it the selection and affordability of local housing? Sure, that’s another reason. Is it the quite and convenient centralized location between busy metropolitan areas and crowded tourist destinations? That sure does sound good. On the whole however, most people choose to call the Los Fresnos area their home because it reminds them of the community they grew up in, where people say hello when they bump into you at the corner grocery store, where kids can ride their bikes out in the street, where the Fourth of July is a heartfelt community celebration, where the whole town shows up for the Christmas Parade, where homecoming kings and queens are local celebrities, and where little league baseball games are a very big deal! Los Fresnos is also perfectly situated between two PGA quality golf courses in Rancho Viejo Golf Club and SPI Golf Club and one of the leading medical facilities in South Texas, Valley Regional Medical Center is just minutes away, so whether you’d like a chip in the rough or hate the chip in your knee, we got what it takes to take care of you. If this sounds like a place you would like to call home and raise your family, well then we’ll leave the light on for you!

“Los Fresnos Economic Development Support for Businesses"

The City of Los Fresnos Community Development Corporation strives to create a pro-growth environment that promotes local businesses. The city meets regularly with local businesses and the Los Fresnos Chamber of Commerce to get a better grasp of the business community’s activities as well as to share insight about incentives or programs designed to encourage their continued growth. By proactively addressing issues of concern, Los Fresnos demonstrates our commitment and appreciation of your investment in our community.


Available Free Services include:

• One Stop Contact for City of Los Fresnos Information 
• Area Demographic Data 
• Available Building/Land Database 
• Expansion Assistance 
• Development Services Coordination 
• Infrastructure and Traffic Counts Questions
• Area Quality of Life Data

Available Business Incentives include:

Los Fresnos CDC 50/50 Matching Grants are intended to upgrade the quality of the business environment in the community and assist businesses in attracting new customers as well as retention of jobs. The projects include storefront improvements, landscaping, and signs. Other projects can be submitted as infrastructure improvements and can be submitted on a first-come, first serve basis for as long as funds are available. Complete applications and support documentation must be submitted by the 15th of each month to be considered for by the Los Fresnos Community Development Corporation Board on the 1st Monday of the following month. Please see the incentives instructions and applications on this website.

Contact Information:
Mark Milum 
City Manager
City of Los Fresnos
200 North Brazil This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Los Fresnos, Texas 78566 City Hall Phone: 956-233-5768