Beginning in March 2019 the City of Los Fresnos will provide a Mobile Recycling Trailer for voluntary recycling by the community. The trailer was purchased through grant funding awarded to the City by the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council & Regional Solid Waste Program.

City officials are very excited to provide this service to the citizens of Los Fresnos. Recycling is a key component in protecting our environment and saving our dwindling resources. The effects of recycling are subtle but cumulative. Our world depends on it and it is never too late to get started.


Acceptable Items For Recycling
Plastic# 1(All Clear/Color Clear Bottles)
Plastic#2 (ex. Milk Jugs, Detergent Bottles)
Office Paper
Aluminum Cans
Cardboard (Cereal, Appliance Boxes etc.)
*Please Remove all lids & rinse containers with water
**Please break down all boxes

Unacceptable Items
Colored Caps on Milk Jugs and Plastic Bottles
Plastic Bags
Tin and Aluminum Foil
Egg Cartons
Shoe boxes


CARDBOARD: Brown corrugated boxes, Shoe and Food boxes that are either brown or gray on the inside. No boxes that are coated with a wax or plastic and no boxes that are white on the inside.

NEWSPAPER: Entire newspaper including the slick surface inserts (exp. Sunday's paper). Please remove any plastic bags or tied straps. No magazines: example Time, National Graphic, Phone Books etc.

ALUMINUM: Cans Only.

PLASTIC: This type of plastics has a triangle made of 3 arrows with a number in it. These numbers can be 1’s or 2’s. They need to be separate by numbers.

Please Note: Remove all bottle cap. Also RINSE OUT the milk/ juice bottles with a small amount of water.


PAPER: SWL-(Sorted White Ledger): includes all originally white sheets of paper with or without print.

SOP-(Sorted Office Paper): includes colored paper, exp: posted notes, invoices, (3ply/3color), file folders, mail envelopes, business cards, and junk mail with or without plastic windows and shredded paper.




Tuesday 7AM - 11AM Memorial Park

Thursday 4PM - 8PM Wal-Mart Parking Lot

Saturday 9AM - 1PM City Hall