City of Los Fresnos Emergency Management Plan


Basic Plan

Annex-A Warning

Annex-B Communications

Annex-C Shelter and Mass Care

Annex-D Radiological Protection

Annex-E Evacuation

Annex-F Firefighting

Annex-G Law Enforcement

Annex-H Health & Medical Services

Annex-I Emergency Public Information

Annex-J Recovery

Annex-K Public Works & Engineering

Annex-L Utilities

Annex-M Resource Management

Annex-N Direction & Control

Annex-O Human Services

Annex-P Hazard Mitigation

Annex-Q Hazmat & Oil Spill Response

Annex-R Search and Rescue

Annex-S Transportation

Annex-T Donations Management

Annex-U Legal

Annex-V Terrorist Incident Response

Animal Control for Shelter

Charlie Banda
  Emergency Management Coordinator

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200 N. Brazil St.
Los Fresnos, Texas 78566
Phone: 956-233-4473