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Los Fresnos Housing Authority operates 38 affordable units across its public housing portfolio.

Bedroom Sizes of Public Housing Units

The bedroom sizes of Los Fresnos Housing Authority public housing units range from 2 bedroom apartments to 4 bedroom apartments. The housing authority’s public housing inventory includes 16% 2 bedroom apartments, 74% 3 bedroom apartments and 11% 4 bedroom apartments.

Vacancies in Public Housing Portfolio

As of Los Fresnos Housing Authority’s most recent Resident Characteristics Report (June 30, 2015), the 16-month average number of units occupied was 38 out of a total 38 rental units. This represents a 16-month average vacancy rate of 0%.

Family Type

Of the 37 households who reported head of household data in the housing authority’s most recent RCR report, 5 (13.51%) were elderly, 32 (86.49%) were non-elderly, 11 (29.73%) were disabled, 29 (78.38%) contained children and 14 (37.84%) were headed by a female.

Tenant Contributions to Rent

Residents of public housing pay rent based on their income. The rent contribution of the tenant is called the Total Tenant Payment (TTP). The TTP is generally 30% of a residents income with a $25 (National minimum) to $50 (some PHA’s) minimum rent. Based on the information in the most recent Resident Characteristics Report (June 30, 2015) the minimum rent in Los Fresnos Housing Authority's public housing developments is $50.

The average tenant rent contribution for Los Fresnos Housing Authority’s public housing developments is $0.

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